Streaming on Twitch – Week 2

Things have been going well so far with the streaming setup. I’ve added the two direct upgrades that I had considered in the previous post – a second monitor and the foot pedal. The second monitor is now used for all stream-related controls on the PC while streaming. I also use it for Discord and other applications that benefit from the vertical orientation. This has freed up space on the tablet for me to expand Touch Portal. The foot pedal is being used as a touch-to-speak for Xbox Live party chat, Discord, and any other communication applications.

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Streaming on Twitch – Week 1

First post in a new category! The idea for this category is just to serve as a place for me to post updates, thoughts, impressions, etc. on my live streaming journey. Not really sure at this stage how seriously I want to take this whole thing. I mostly just wanted to learn some new software and solutions, and to get ready for streaming some Halo Infinite later this year.

So far my goal has been to get things started while spending the least amount of money possible. Ideally whatever money I’ve spent should be able to be used outside of just streaming. Below I am going to share some details of my setup including gear and software.

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